Oct 29, 2009

Marcela Vivan . Mega Models


She is so perfect. Basically she is my favorite model in town right now. Marcela is from Brazil and has the cutest accent.Oh and she is teaching me Portuguese. Probably not the best words though, nothing you would want to say in front of your parents. She is only 16 but has already been on the cover of Elle and has been featured in Nylon magazine. Even the list of clients and photographers she has worked with is impressive and she is just getting started. Cant wait to see what she does next!  I've also been on a couple of shoots with her and she is so fun to be around. You will see her on here a lot. 


skinny intern


Kyrie said...

last time i checked, it's totally not fair she gets to be so pretty. and she's super freakin adorable on top of being gorgeous what the TF haha. love her. new favorite.

bienolientes said...

Not only gorgeous on the outside but also as smart as it gets.

Gotta love Marcela.

Felipe Salum said...

Mais uma brasileira fazendo sucesso nos EUA, parabens.

Congratulations Marcela.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous everything. Especially the eyes Maya says.
Love you ma!

Unknown said...
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