Oct 13, 2009

Funkshion Fashion Week.

Okay so Miami likes to put on these little fashion events a couple of times a year and call them fashion week. Although the Miami Mercedez Benz fashion week was only a couple of months ago its now time to have another "fashion week" called Funkshion. Its nothing big but I see it as something to do and a way to meet more people in the business so I figure Ill show up to a couple of the events with a few of my friends and see whats going on and who I can meet. Does anyone want to join me? You guys can follow me on twitter here.

Funkshion is kind of a mile marker for Skinny Intern. I started this blog last year and to be honest, the Heatherette Richie Rich show was the first fashion show that I had ever attended. My best friend Allison Zinn was with MC2 Models and was in the show and after that I fell in love and started writing this blog. 

Sunday is very exciting. There will be an advance premier showing of the movie, Coco Before Chanel! Im going and it will be wonderful. 

Now... What to wear?
Dressy and flirty or sexy and rebellious?

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