Jan 7, 2010

H&M's promise.

After a student discovered garbage bags of unworn clothing from H&M's 34th street location being thrown away, H&M responded saying that they are not really sure why the clothing was thrown out and that they promise it will not happen again. H&M's Spokeswoman, Nicole Christie, said that she didn't know why this particular location was slashing and throwing out the unused clothing because its not the companies policy to do so. All clothing is to be donated to charity instead of being thrown away. This doesn't look so good considering H&M just launched their Garden Collection that is made out of sustainable, organic, and recycled materials. Great job at recycling guys, way to be green! 

For whatever reason they decided to throw away the clothing, it is really unfortunate to hear about such nice unused clothing being trashed like that when they could easily donate it. Shame... shame.

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CarrieYvonne said...

can i be the charity that the clothes are donated to? :]