Jan 11, 2010

McQueen... please.

(Check out that Mc Hammer action.)
I had an incredible shoot Saturday night with photographer, Stefani Ania. She and her boyfriend Jerico, just recently bought the studio we shot at and they are transforming it from a warehouse into a huge fabulous studio. It’s coming together quite nicely.
As far as the shoot goes it was so fun I didn’t want it to end. She is so talented and it’s always fun to get to shoot with someone who has such a clear vision of how the story will be in the end. My hair is somewhat grown out compared to it's very short spiked up look. I feel as if most of my pictures usually have the same hair style as the ones before, but short hair can be very limiting. So to switch things up a bit, we went for more of a sleek slicked down hair style. The gel made my hair look chocolate brown and I loved it. I'm thinking about actually dying my hair this color now.  
“Drinks + McQueen + Kristin = MAGIC.”– Stefani
The clothing consisted of Lanvin, YSL, Valentino, and several different pieces by McQueen.  I always get really excited about the clothes that I get to wear during shoots. It's not as if I could truly own such designer pieces like these, but when its time to shoot and  the stylist comes in and the camera comes out, its the best game of dress up ever. Needless to say I was overly thrilled by the stylist’s choices for the shoot. Wait until you see the pink Alexander McQueen pumps I got to wear. The toe of the shoe was flattened into a heart shape instead of the usual rounded point, I love little details like that. I can’t give away too much too soon, but I saw a sneak peak today and the images are to die for. I'm so happy.

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