Aug 29, 2008

One of the funnest Nights!

Fashion show at the Mansion on South Beach. This event was a while back but we are just now getting the pictures from it. Allison's first Fashion show and she did AMAZING so here are some pictures of her on the cat walk. Being back stage and being able to assist my best friend's first fashion show was amazing. I really enjoyed being behind the scenes and being a part of the production because it was so exciting and FUN!

Aug 27, 2008

Allison Editorial shoot for Level Magazine turned out amazing.

This is her first editorial spread in a magazine! Actually has a really cool website, you can look through the entire magazine online! Its designed so well.

Aug 24, 2008

Im having sushi with ashley , the other intern from MC2 models.
She did her full internship with MC2 and i feel like maybe i missed out on something good by leaving early. She even said that she is thinking about going back and i kind of want to know her inside scoop, so i invited her out with me to have sushi so we can talk about what all she got to do at the agency after i had left. Also i talked to Elite modeling agency again and they are going to keep me in mind for an internship this fall!

This is what i really want to do... be in this industry full heart and soul, whether it be behind the scenes or a model. I really want to work my way up to be a full time scout. i know that i can spot talent!

Jesse James( my brother) is being considered for Abercrombie Kids

Aug 22, 2008

Untitled from skinny intern on Vimeo.

THATS RIGHT! Skinny intern is moving... in together!
Allison and I will be moving in together this fall so look out for a lot of new stuff!


Kristin Oh!

Aug 20, 2008

that is totally true. i have learned from going to castings that i sucked at walking and wear the totally wrong thing which could be why i haven't been casted as much as i want to. but i have fixed it and cant wait for the season to start and get into doing things right now and rocking it :) btw i got my hair cut and i love it. ill have post some pictures soon.

p.s. ELITE please hire kristin she is AMAZING! duh ;)

Aug 15, 2008

p.s. when you want to be a model and/or after you have signed with an agency, they don't teach you how to walk or what to say or wear when you go on castings... or at least this is what I've experienced. They just throw you into it and say... okay go on this casting. Before you know it your haveing to learn what to do and what not to do all on your own. Some Agents or casting directors might be really nice and help you out but most of the time... that isn't the case.

ELITE Pleeease hire me!
when i walked through those doors and met with Paolo and his assistant Hannah I new I wanted to work there.

Aug 13, 2008

i guess its time for a new look?

i love modeling dont get me wrong but one thing that i have been scared of is changing my look. my agency told me i have to cut my hair :( they said i have to get long bangs right below my eyes and more longer layers. thank god i do not have to cut the length at all because i like my long hair :) hopefully my new look will be hot. i mean i had bangs when i was little and it looked cute :)

i have a feeling it wont b the same though haha. they know what they are doing though so i trust them. the haircut will probably take place around the 20th. wish me luck...

i also have to get a tan but that is no problem at all, i love the pool and tanning.

overall, even though im a little scared, i'm excited about my new look and cant wait to b beautified ;)

Aug 11, 2008

Allison Zinn

Height 5'11"/180cm

Bust 32"/81cm B

Waist 23"/58cm

Hips 35"/89 cm

Dress 2 US/32 EU/4 UK

Shoe 9 US/40 EU/6.5 UK

Hair Dark Blonde

Eyes Green

Aug 9, 2008

The beginning of our adventures.

Back in May 2008
Allison and I going to meet with MC2 to sign her contract and to see if i got the internship with them. It leads to us going to a casting call right after that!

Stay tuned next time to see how the casting went.

Aug 7, 2008

an embarrassing day....

so i had a casting today. i walk in and like always there is a sign in sheet. i walked up to it, lifted up the sheets previously filled out, grabbed a pen, and started writing. slowly but surely with my hands full i smelt fire. i looked up and i had just set the casting sign in sheets on fire. turns out there was a candle right behind the clipboard and i came a little too close. needless to say the all the rooms started smelling like smoke so i slowly and smoothly walked away trying to remain un-noticed and did. people then started saying 'do you smell fire?' 'is something on fire?' i simply replied with a shrug of the shoulders. a man then showed the evidence to the main lady in charge and she couldn't believe that happened. i am pretty sure she thought and knew that i had did it. how embarrassing... i think very!!!

then i go to hand in my card and introduce myself and get my picture taken. when i was finished the lady came up to me and was like your new right? so i replied yes somewhat.... she commented on the fact that i basically was wearing the totally wrong thing and should for future reference fix myself up more. DEFINITELY needless to say i don't think i booked that job.

i have felt that i am different from the other models who are at the castings. it is very intimidating at times. i wonder with things like this if i can ever really act and look like a real model, one that people can look at and know that i am one or at least not totally look out of place. idk just something i sometimes think about..... i still love it though :)


okay so i absolutely love love love what kristin did to this blog. it looks and is so amazing. anyways, hi im allison :) im the girl that kristin talks about. since we started this big adventure into the fashion and modeling industry kristin has seriously been a life saver! she is always there for me to calm me down or hype me up when i need it. Dont let kristin fool you...she is a model just an independent one. when she is photographed the pictures always come out amazing! i just recently went on a photoshoot with her and she rocked it for real. were just trying to get through this tough industry and experience as much as possible. i am loving being a model. castings photo shoots and runway shows what could be bad about that? i am having so much fun and can wait to get more and more into it. kristin is always there for me and we are bestest friends. so glad i am doing this with her :)

til next time,

oh Kate Moss
How is that Kate Moss was at a stunted height of 5'7" and still had the capability to rock the industry. I'M AN INCH TALLER!

Aug 6, 2008

So i was on model mayhem trying to find a new photographer that i could shoot with and all of a sudden im just browsing through and this one photographer caught my eye. I clicked to view her profile and this is what i see on the very top of profile...!

A picture of Allison! So i emailed her and i was like "girl you are more popular than you think"

Aug 1, 2008

I am so sucked into this life.

I emailed khalid my boss when i was working at MC2 Models.
Here is our conversation.

yo Khalid,
Going to fashion week this time??
its coming up :P
Does MC2 ever have models in the shows during fashion week?

Jean Luc wants me to go to Milano. You wanna go?

HELLS YES! he could just be teasing me though. I doubt it happens.