Oct 31, 2009

Oct 30, 2009

its on!


She came to New York to save MTV and became her generation’s smartest, coolest, and most-talked-about talk show host in the process. Below is the ALEXA CHUNG story from V Magazine, issue #62.  The recent London expat and Brooklyn resident whose MTV show “It’s On with Alexa Chung” took over the coveted TRL spot this summer, is a busy lady. 

#1 – Dress by Dolce & Gabbana; #2 – Jumpsuit by Stella McCartney

Photographer . Sharif Hamza
Magazine . Vmagazine

FREJA Friday...

Oct 29, 2009

Marcela Vivan . Mega Models


She is so perfect. Basically she is my favorite model in town right now. Marcela is from Brazil and has the cutest accent.Oh and she is teaching me Portuguese. Probably not the best words though, nothing you would want to say in front of your parents. She is only 16 but has already been on the cover of Elle and has been featured in Nylon magazine. Even the list of clients and photographers she has worked with is impressive and she is just getting started. Cant wait to see what she does next!  I've also been on a couple of shoots with her and she is so fun to be around. You will see her on here a lot. 


skinny intern

Oct 28, 2009

Rock Couture . V Magazine

“ROCK COUTURE” featuring Natalia Vodianova

It’s not just for the old garde anymore.  There’s a youth energy pulsing through the couture collections, and the only accessory required is a little bit of attitude. - V Magazine

Fashion Credits:  Armani Prive, Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci, Dior Haute Couture

Photographer . HEDI SLIMANE


Magazine . V magazine

Chris Heads.


Love this times a Million! $$$$$$$

Skinny Intern

Behind the scenes pic from the shoot with photographer Heather Talbert.
Love her! Cant wait to post pictures. 

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Oct 27, 2009

French photographer... oh yes!

"Grunge Tribute"
You can also see this editorial on the Vanity Teen website.

Vintage Anne Klein sweater, Vintage slip, Hurley Hood, Vintage Disney t-shirt,Wendy B. Cashmere cardigan, Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters dress, Emilio Cavallini tights, Public Opibion Skulli with Vintage pin. 

Photographer . Lucie Hugary
Stylist . Stefani Del Papa
Make-up and Hair . Jordana Micheal Robinowitz
Model . Kristin Ondocsin, Marcela Vican @Mega Models

postmodern pinup

Sneak peak of V magazine issue #62 , which comes out Nov 3rd.
Featuring Miranda Kerr in her much-buzzed-about high fashion turn. Also featured, is model Ana Beatriz Barros.

Sex, meet deconstruction. Deconstruction, meet sex. The cruise collections get smart with a postmodern take on pinup dressing, featuring Victoria’s Secret weapons Miranda Kerr and Ana Beatri Barros. The theme of the story is sort of “postmodern pinup,” a subversive take on sexy, courtesy of Olivier Rizzo. Miranda Kerr is best-known for being an Australian supermodel, the girlfriend of actor Orlando Bloom and a Victoria’s Secret angel.

Photography . Willy Vanderperre
Styling . Olivier Rizzo

Oct 23, 2009

I can feel this.

Blow me away Camilla, this editorial is to die for. I am in love with these two images, especially the first one. Fashion, kissing, and sex in the woods kind of makes one hell of sexy editorial, don't you think?

Its funny how sex and fashion just go together and its accepted. The pictures are so sexy but still done in a tasteful way. When I look at them I see the passion that is being portrayed and I anticipate what will happen next. I love how Camilla can get her models to make the shots so believable. I am a big fan of Camilla Akrans because, first of all she is a female photographer so she definitely gets points for that, but she is also incredibly talented.  I feel like female photographers can sometimes capture so much more when shooting another female. (this is not always the case) Its like the connection is so much greater and everything is more comfortable. Camilla is known for her use of dual tones in her photography and I feel like her editorials are just so strong. I fell in love with Camilla after seeing her over and over again in the magazine Numero, which by the way is one of my favorite magazines. Cant forget to mention how amazing Anja Rubik is!

Skinny Intern

Freja Friday...


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Oct 22, 2009

Tara Jean

Im always looking for new faces.

Far from the development bored after walking in the Chanel show, Tara Jean is someone we should all be keeping our eyes on. Karl Lagerfeld is already in love with her. 
What do you guys think? I think she has a really cool look.

Tara Jean . DNA Model Management

How fabulous is this!?

I want what shes got. Watch the video below. 
Dolce & Gabbana mobile phone Jalou. Basically I just love the video. 

Oct 21, 2009

Lula, girl of my dreams.

Some of you may already know that I'm a sucker for a beautiful red head, so when I saw the new issue of Lula I fell to the floor!
The entire issue is full of red heads, from carrot orange to dark reds, its all here. All of the editorials in this issue are so beautiful. It was really hard to decide on a favorite but I have to say I especially love the story with Lindsey Wixson. (I love her small pouty lips.)
Skinny Intern


We know you know your cool. PPQ + Adidas
Photographer . Rankin

Oct 20, 2009

More shooting.

Maybe Im not a model? haha Wait till you see this editorial, its amazing! 
Perfect weather plus Gucci, its love. 

Abi Ferrin

After being so bummed out the other night about the show, I thought that there was just no hope and almost didn't want to go out and see any other shows at Funkshion. I soon realized how silly that was and how unrealistic I was being. I went to the Abi Ferrin show and it was amazing. I really enjoyed her collection and thought that it was so beautiful. The Abi Ferrin show was held in the Bass Museum of Art, which was much better than it being held at The Setai. I could actually see the runway. 

The collection was very colorful and fun with a little bit of a  bohemian attitude. I sat on the floor at the end of the runway with the rest of the media just so I could get some good shots of the clothing. Im sure I looked pretty ridiculous crawling around on the floor fighting with the rest of the media to get a good shot but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right? With that being said I was the only girl in the media?! whats up with that ladies?

Abi Ferrin's freedom project collaborates with organizations that rescue women out of human trafficking or poverty situations. “Ferrin’s designs represent the abundance of nature and her philosophy represents the heart of what we aim to accomplish with God’s Green America – to inspire a shift in mindset toward a greener lifestyle.” God's Green America.

Skinny Intern

Oct 13, 2009

Funkshion Fashion Week.

Okay so Miami likes to put on these little fashion events a couple of times a year and call them fashion week. Although the Miami Mercedez Benz fashion week was only a couple of months ago its now time to have another "fashion week" called Funkshion. Its nothing big but I see it as something to do and a way to meet more people in the business so I figure Ill show up to a couple of the events with a few of my friends and see whats going on and who I can meet. Does anyone want to join me? You guys can follow me on twitter here.

Funkshion is kind of a mile marker for Skinny Intern. I started this blog last year and to be honest, the Heatherette Richie Rich show was the first fashion show that I had ever attended. My best friend Allison Zinn was with MC2 Models and was in the show and after that I fell in love and started writing this blog. 

Sunday is very exciting. There will be an advance premier showing of the movie, Coco Before Chanel! Im going and it will be wonderful. 

Now... What to wear?
Dressy and flirty or sexy and rebellious?

Woah baby.

Black and Rebellious! I think its a pretty good find.
The best thing about these boots is the price. I wont break the bank and my footwear will still be sexy and stylish.
Studded ankle boot, Steve Madden, $160

Paris Fashion Week SS2010

Some of the most beautiful people...
I am for sure going to Paris Fashion week next go around! 

Oct 11, 2009

preview of yesterdays shoot.

Shot all day yesterday. 

A couple of weeks ago, photographer Lucie Hugary and stylist Stefanie Del Papa, had presented an idea of a 90's grunge inspired editorial to me and had asked if I would be interested in being one of the models in the shoot. I was very happy to be  working with Stefani again and even more excited to finally be shooting with Lucie. The other model was Marcel Vivan from Mega Model Management  and It was the first time in a long time that I had done a shoot with another model in the story and honestly I loved it.  Marcel was really fun to work with and we were kind of perfect for each other! We did the entire shoot in the woods in the hot miami weather wearing tons of winter layers. Thankfully we didnt have to smile and jump around, the looking miserable part came natural. After the sun started to go down it wasn't too bad and besides we were all having a lot of fun. I think the story is going to be amazing and I cant wait to see it!

I feel like there is still so much to tell you guys about but its been a long weekend and Im about to crash. So goodnight to all my Skinny Intern readers. MUAH MUAH! xoxoxox

(hope you all can forgive me because I'm pretty sure there are a lot of grammar errors)


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Oct 10, 2009

Perfect saturday.

A weekend full of photo-shoots.
Im on a shoot right now and its amazing!
(EDIT: added behind the scenes pics below)

Lucie Hugary . photographer

skinny intern

Oct 9, 2009

Freja Friday...

Sorry about the blur! 

Skinny Intern

Oct 8, 2009

Vintage. Where?!

What's a stylist to do when she needs a little inspiration...? Thrift store shopping. Thats right girls you know you've had to do it before too and some of you like me may even like going to thrift stores and looking for one of a kind vintage pieces. Although some of the clothes are hideous and outdated, if you take the time to rummage through all the bad stuff you can find some really fabulous things. Its all about the accessories you put them with and how creative you are.  
Come on not everything from the eighties is bad, shoulder pads are back! (right?)

Alexander McQueen.

Cant stop. I just love it.

Alexander McQueen

Oct 6, 2009

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Fashion show.

"Fantasy and legend" of Plato's Atlantis."

The runway made It look as if they were on a space ship and the models were warriors or creatures from another planet. Lots of alien like references that reminded me of dare I say it, the movie Alien Vs. predator.(sorry guys hope I dont get my head chewed off for that one) I loved the shoes they were larger than life and the clothes had so many different patterns and colors on them it was amazing. Although the dresses were very structured they still had some movement and flow. The clothes kept their femininity while still coming off as powerful.  It must have taken some bit of practice to walk in those shoes, they were massive yet beautiful. This by far is my most favorite collection of spring 2010. It was so strong and beautiful. Alexander McQueen you are a genius!

I tried my best to get a good screen capture.

Oct 4, 2009

Are you ready for this?!

Im going to be somewhere very special on tuesday! I'll be at home.... watching the live streaming video of the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show. Im so excited that they will be airing this show live for all to see. The show will start at 8:15pm Paris time, which I believe is 2:15pm eastern time here in the states and If your as excited as I am, you might need a little something to hold you over until it's time. You can go to the ShowStudios website to see some of Alexander McQueen's most iconic moments through out his fashion career.