Mar 31, 2013

Hand Crafted Miami -- Lookbook 2013

I have to say, this was such a fun shoot. I got to work with several of my favorites around town.  
Mayleen Gonzales . Photography --
Annie Vazquez . Blogger . Model --
Jose Gonzales . Model --

Mayleen Gonzales was there, werkin' her photography skills, while we were posing it up, sporting HandCrafted Miami sweaters, tee-shirts, and hats. I love the HandCrafted collection and It was great meeting Chris Nunez, the owner, artist, and genius behind HandCrafted Miami's clothing & tattoo shop.  
3438 N Miami Ave  Miami, FL 33127
(855) 666-2738

Kristin - The Skinny Intern 

Mar 20, 2013

Into The Wild

-A dreamy editorial snagged from Bisous Magazine featuring, Julia Drabik.
Photographed by Michalina Wozniak. 
One of my favorite movies, that falls somewhere-in-between Almost Famous, Detroit Rock City, Cruel Intentions, and The Virgin Suicides, is the movie, Into The Wild. 
This shoot, which takes place in what looks to be the middle of nowhere and inside a broken down "magic bus", is inspired by that very movie.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  Most inspiring movie based off a true story. 

Kristin - The Skinny Intern

Mar 17, 2013

Marie Claire - What I love about me.

Do you ever feel like people constantly focus too much on the things that they don't love about themselves? I do. I hear it all the time from friends, models, strangers, and I've been one to put myself down from time to time as well, but when you say negative things about yourself it only creates more negativity and a lower self-esteem. Focus on what you love about yourself from the inside and out and don't let the negative thoughts control your subconscious. 

Catch a glimpse of me in this month's 
April issue of Marie Claire!!  
page #149

Dress. Nasty Gal   Bag. Navoh   Cardigan. F21  Boots . Jeffrey Campbell