Feb 28, 2009

Vintage shopping.

Love this girl.

Im kind of in love with her style.

A lot of the models here... have that Miami fashion going on... so its always refreshing when a girl walks in with good style. I was kind of in love with what our model Sarah Parr was wearing when she came in for Polaroids the other day.

100% Silk top: Paris vintage market $3.00
Belt: paris vintage market $5.00
Skirt: American Apparel $40
Boots: LA Vintage shop $30

Dress cool for $78.00 including shoes! Damn thats pretty good!

Feb 27, 2009

Feb 25, 2009

Mirage magazine and baby baby baby

Long picture post!
pictures of inspiration. Be prepared !
I'm in love...


skinny intern

Feb 19, 2009

New york fashion for sarah anne

Got a call from the NY office saying that Sarah Anne is actually doing very well this season.
She is booking a lot of shows and i am so happy for her. I cant even get her on the phone these days shes so busy. haha
It was so nice to see her when i went to NY, she looked amazing.

Front of her show card.

MC2 NY/ Miami



stanley Adams

Karen Sabag

Tunji Dada

Patrik Rzepski

Height 5'10"/178cm

Bust 32"/81cm A

Waist 23"/59cm

Hips 34"/86 cm

Feb 15, 2009

THE SHOOT: behind the scenes

Feb 10, 2009

New york was so much fun, kind of sad to be home actually.
I met some really cool people,saw the tents for fashion week, and hung out at some really cool places. Nothing at all like here... basically i cant wait to move to NY.

Its like there is something new to do and explore every day.
The photo shoot was amazing and I promise i will post pictures very soon!
Had one hour of sleep last night so i think i need to try to catch some ZZZZzzzz's

Skinny Intern

Feb 7, 2009

WOO im in NY!
Its great. Im here with ashley and our apartment is so cute.
Photo shoot tomorrow! City tour today!

love ya
Skinny Intern

Feb 5, 2009


So I get to work and they tell me that I have to drive some of the girls over to a fitting.
The fitting was for the FENDI fashion show so I couldnt complain! I love running errands like that. I missed half a day of work and I got to be surrounded by all these beautiful clothes!
The one day that I didnt have my camera... so I dont have any behind the scenes pictures... so dissapointing. I was actually approached by one of the women in charge because she thought that I was a model there waiting to try stuff on. I was caught off gard and unfortunately corrected her by saying "oh no, I just brought my models over..." HOW DUMB! I regret it. When I told everyone at the agency that they thought that I was there for the fitting they were like "WHAT?! why would you tell them otherwise...You could have been discovered!"

Our models in the show:
Melissa Molson
Alex Allen
Johanna Salmin

photo credits : www.Allpurposedark.blogspot.com