Jan 27, 2009

London or Paris. 

I am hoping to spend some of the summer interning at another agency. I want to travel and my friend at work is telling me to go for it! He has been helping me find good agencies in london and in paris. He made a good point by saying I should go to london because it would be a lot easier because there wouldnt be a language barrier... but i think my heart is sold on Paris. Fingers Crossed. 

Juicy Couture <3's Skinny Intern

So Juicy

Juicy from skinny intern on Vimeo.


Jan 26, 2009

My friend Ashley and I are going NYC!!
We booked our tickets and everything. Okay let me just say this, I have never ever been there and Im so excited. Im going to go see Sara Anne and see how she is doing and freeze my butt off in the cold. I already asked my boss and she says its fine. So i will be in New York feb 7th- 1oth if anyone wants to meet up or join me. Of Coarse I will take tons of skinny intern footage while im there and Im sure I have a couple of surprises coming my way.

Jan 25, 2009

Sara Anne to NYC

A lot has been going on. Not a lot of time to post but i did manage to put this video together. Before Sara Anne left for New York we spent a lot of time together!

Sara anne off to NY from skinny intern on Vimeo.

Jan 16, 2009

Fashion week is coming!

So its official, Sara Anne is going to New York!
This girl really works hard at what she wants and doesn't let anyone tell her no.
She has been working really hard to get into shape and the president of MC2 is now asking for Sara anne to come to NY for the shows. But before she goes there is plenty to do. You cant go to New York with a Miami wardrobe. Its time to shop! Also She has to cut and color her hair. In NY you have to be on top of your game if your not then your spot might be givin to the next girl in line.The bookers at the agency are telling her that its not going to be like miami, when she gets there its going to be super busy and its going to be one casting after another . So she is really going to have to plan and time out her days. I told her that if she gets booked for a show at fashion week then I will be flying up there to see her! I want to go NY so bad im desperate for any accuse but this seems like a really good one. haha

Jan 15, 2009

Culte Magazine.

Finally! I did something right at the agency.

I booked five of our models for a job. I was the only one at the office when a client called and I handled everything. Lucky for me they were really nice and had no problem answering any of my questions. The booking was a for a new French Magazine starting up in Miami. The issue will be out in june but considering Sara anne is one of the models that I booked I have a sneak peak look behind the scenes.

Jan 14, 2009

The Agency

Does anyone remember the show called "The Agency".

If not let me take a moment to remind you. There used to be a reality show called "The Agency" and it came on VH1 and it was all about the modeling agency Wilhelmina. I thought that it was a really good show but it didnt last long. Basically you got to see the ends and outs of a modeling agency and what its like to be a part of it. On the show you got to see the bookers(who are always arguing with each other), models, new faces,scouting, and some photoshoots. Its worth watching.

But my reasoning for bringing all of this up is that there is a very popular character on that show that i now work with. His name... is PINK. On the show he is a booker for Wilhelmina NY but now he is a booker for MC2 Miami. Small world. Its really wierd to work with some one who i never thought that I would know considering I use to watch him on a TV show.

Jan 7, 2009

Melrose from America's Next Top Model

Yesterday while I was sitting at my desk working,MC2 got a phone call and I answered it.

It was a female on the phone calling to set up an appointment with us because she was seeking representation. I asked her what her name was and she said that her name was Melrose and that she was represented by MC2 in Tel Aviv... IMMEDIATELY I knew who she was, although no one else in the office new or cared I was slightly thrilled to be talking to America's Next Top Model runner up from cycle 7. Honestly I didnt even like her on the show nor do I even watch that show anymore but it was really exciting to be talking to someone who I watched on tv. I kept it short with her and told her to stop by. She came by today to meet with us. I asked her If she was represented with anyone and she said that she has an agency in London but she currently isn't signed with an agency. I showed her portfolio to everyone in the office and told them who she was and they really didnt like her look. Her portfolio was poor and she didnt dress well. she was wearing shorts an old tee shirt and chunky heels that were not flattering at all. I wasnt about to be the one to tell Miss Melrose that we werent interested so i prentended like i was really busy so that i didnt have to deal with it. I remember watching that season of ANTM and really wishing that I was in their shoes ... now I see that after the show the girls are not likely to go on and do much else... its just a show.