Sep 30, 2009

"head shit... i mean head shot! "

"What people say isn't going to stop me. I have to do things for myself. "- Kate MossPhotographer . Stefani Ania Suffo

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I like this.

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Sep 28, 2009

Magazine worthy?

My last shoot as a blonde, what do you guys think. Worked with my favorite team of all time. Need your advice and opinions, what magazine could you picture this in? I would love to get it published, any takers?

Photographer . Julius Gregorio
Model . Kristin Ondocsin


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Sep 25, 2009

I love today.

I'm sitting here at the bookstore drinking my coffee and feeding my eyes with pages from my favorite magazines. Taking it easy and texting friends. Setting up photo shoots for the next couple of weeks and filling in my calender with meetings. I really want the current issue of 10 magazine but I think I'm going to have to try to resist. Have you seen it? looks amazing! 

Freja Friday...

Sep 24, 2009

Helen George

The new CW show The Beautiful Life

Its a great comedy! 

I watched it and honestly I am embarassed for the writers of this show. Although I tuned in to watch it because I love Mischa Barton, it was a horrible dissapointment. The fact that this show thinks that it is a true representation of the indusrty is somewhat humorous. The first episode covered every bad cliche about the modeling industry from sleeping to the top, to drug dealing, and viscous mean models all within the first half of the show. All the male models walked around with their shirts off and this was obviously done so that we could tell the difference from a bad actor and a bad actor playing the part of model. Oh and I laughed through out the entire begining when they were doing the fashion show it was so cheesy!

Dont waste your time but if you've seen the show leave me some comments 

and let me know what you think about it. 

Sep 22, 2009

"It is what it is... "

Skinny Intern... Its a blog dedicated to finding the best editorials,photographers,models and creatives out there, while still rambling about random things that I just love. Obsessing over the fashion/modeling industry is what I do. Im addicted to buying magazines and would go into debt for it if i had too. Skinny Intern is about getting the inside scoop not only in the fashion world but also in my life... - Kristin Ondocsin 

Natasha Polaroids

I  love these polaroids of Natasha Poly. 
credit: MUSE Magazine

Who wants to take some polaroids of me like this?! haha 



So I never got around to posting this editorial so here it is, last months Numero.
Love those studded boots! 

"Everybody loves Terry"

Edit: ok ok photobucket.. i get it... no nude photos. 

Sep 18, 2009

Mustang Baby . Camilla Akrans

Numero 106. Bought this issue the day it came out. Has a lot of great editorials in it with photographers such as Solve, Greg Kadel, and Camilla Akrans who is featured above. I will probably do a couple of more editorial post from this issue so I hope you guys don't mind!

Pamella Roland's Spring 2010 show

The star of the Pamella Roland Spring 2010 Fashion show was MC2 represented, Helen George.  See the runway show in the Mercedez Benz Fashion week video below.


Guess what today is...?

Sep 17, 2009

WWD Fashion Shows.

Backstage at Betsey Johnson's NY Fairytale
by Belisa Silva

Beauty at Betsey Johnson’s spring 2010 presentation was sparkly and eclectic, with a dash of naughtiness. 

( love Belisa's article from Fashion week so I had to post it!)

“It’s a good girl who’s gone bad,” said Sarah Lucero, who created faces for Stila. “She [the girl behind the look] had a one-night stand and was touching up her makeup in the taxi, using a martini glass as a mirror.” Lucero used Stila’s Hydrating Primer Perfecting Concealer for a dewy, “slightly sweaty” complexion. Eyes were lined with a black Kajal Eye Liner and lids shaded with the colors from the line’s Spring Celestial Palette as well as Demi Eyeshadow in Nanda Devi, a dark brown matte hue. Vibrantly pigmented red and pink glitter was added to eyelids, lips and cheekbones for extra energy and sass. “It’s bonkers really,” said Peter Gray, about the “bed head” hair he styled for Redken.

“It’s a little different on each girl.” Strands were teased with ample amounts of Aerate 08 mousse then backcombed with a rat-tailed, fine-toothed comb for height and texture. "Use a base of mousse for volume and less hair spray," said Gray."It gives the hair guts." A bright ruffled tulle headpiece was pinned into the half-up style. “It’s a post-apocalyptic train smash, but silly and lighthearted.”

Nonie Creme, co-founder and creative director of Butter London, created a “rock ’n’ roll fairy” with nails that featured dark, maroon shade Branwen’s Feather, with a supersparkly top coat, either in pink Rosie Lee or in teal-hued Henley Regatta. “It’s glitter for grown-ups,” said Creme. “It’s sexy and smoldering.”

Sessilee Lopez

MC2 Miami represented model, Sessilee Lopez was in high demand for the Spring 2010 NY fashion week. I spotted the beautiful Sessilee several times outside of the tents and she was in a great deal of shows.

Tuleh Show

Sep 15, 2009

Outside the Tents

Standing in the rain outside the tents was in fact really fun. Although I didn’t have an invite for any of the shows that day I still wanted to stand outside the tents and be apart of all the excitement. Everyone was dressed so wonderful; the words “oh I love that!” came out of my mouth a million times. I wanted to see the celebrities’ come and go so my friend and I stood around the backstage entrance. This is where the magic happened. Lots of paparazzi and media asking me about my blog and I got so much video of the models and celebrities such as: Tori Spelling, Kelly Rowland, Angela Simmons, Kristen Johnston… etc.

When I saw Kelly Cutrone come strolling out of the tents my jaw dropped. I love her and I cant wait to see her knew show Kell on Earth which will be shown on Bravo. They were actually filming the show that day and she came over to some of the people beside me and gave them tickets to get inside the tents. I was bummed that I didn’t get one until I made friends with all of them and we as a group joined together and got in! The security guards were giving us a hard time and saying that our tickets weren’t valid but we finally made it in. I was so happy. It was my first time at fashion week and I couldn’t believe I got in. Then we got in line to see the Vivienne Tam show. Not only did I get to see the show but I got a seat! I took a lot more video than I did pictures and I hope to put them up soon.

Sep 14, 2009

I'm one lucky girl

Fashion week is over for me but you guys still have time to make it to some shows if your in NY. Even if you don't have a ticket I highly suggest for you to stand outside the tents. Whether you get to be inside or outside, if you love fashion its just an amazing place to be.  Plus when your outside the tents you never know who your going to see or what will happen! You never know maybe Kelly Cutrone will come out and give you tickets to see one of the shows she is running.

As for me I just got to Miami, will be back in NY again very soon. I will post all my new stuff tomorrow so stay tuned!

I met so many wonderful people and I cant wait to go back. 

Sep 11, 2009

"your arrival was flawless"

So tonight was the big night, Fashions Night out in NYC. Although I was really excited for all of the fun activities that were taking place and trying to be in too many places at once, I really didnt get a chance to enjoy it. This was mainly because I made the poor choice of having Bergdorf Goodman as my first priority. I went there and It was crazy packed. Of coarse I expected it to be kind of chaotic and crazy but the store was so full of people that they were telling us to leave and it had only just started. No sign of Alexander wang anywhere at all and the event on the 7th floor of the store was supposed to be a party with the Olsen twins bar-tending... Well there was a long line to get in to see the Olsen twins and we couldn't get in at all. Too many people pushing and shoving and the security guard was telling everyone the event was canceled. Do to this I was very disappointed that I had wasted so much time at that particular store. but I love NYC!


Skinny Intern

Bryant park

Paparazzi shooting me being paparazzi...

Sep 8, 2009

NY tomorrow!

Im really excited but also very busy and I haven't had much time to do any blogging and its driving me crazy. Im sure your all missing my postings as well, but I promise there is going to be some really amazing reads here very soon. 

So leaving to NYC tomorrow, sitting around eating cookies and enjoying one of my favorite shows, Its on with Alexa Chung. Love her and her sexy british accent. I started off today relaxing and getting stuff ready... RELAXING?! haha I cant relax Im ready to get on the plane now I'm so excited. Im almost done packing but I still need to finish packing my bag of shoes... yes just a bag for shoes! I always feel like I'm going to forget something or choose not to bring something and then once I get there wish I had brought it. 

I got these really amazing shoes from Urban Outfitters by DEENA & OZZY. There was only one pair left and they were my size! So I felt as if it was meant to be and not to mention they are really comfortable. I think they are perfect for walking all around New York city and still looking tall and fashionable without my feet having to suffer after only an hour of being out and about.

Not only is it Fashion Week but Thursday is Fashions Night Out. This is where all the major department stores will be staying open late and everyone will be having special guest and events at their stores. There will be so much to do and shop for, you just wont be able to see and do it all. But if you'd like to know what Im doing I'll give you a little idea... 

First off meeting up with good friend and fellow fashion blogger Jillian Hobbs or better known as the writer of Nova style. Then she and I will attack the town for Fashions night out. Hope to be spotting Alexa Chung at the Chanel store's 57th street location and then heading over to Barney's and the Bergdorf Goodman store to track down Marykate and Ashley Olsen and one of my most favorite designers, Alexander Wang. 

Maybe even spot Coc0 Rocha and Lilly Donaldson in the streets!

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Sep 4, 2009

please excuse the mess...

so this morning i woke up to a skinny intern disaster.
I have obviously exceeded my bandwidth and my pictures are not showing.
I will fix this as soon as possible. sorry!


Sep 3, 2009

hey where you from?

Stefani and Jerico, two very talented artist/photographers that I always enjoy working with. If you dont know who they are.. get to know them! I love their style and how fun they are to be around. I was at the studio with them the other day while they both took turns shooting two different models. Love seeing them collaborate and work together. Always amazing.