Oct 23, 2008

Congrats! ... to ME :D

Its like im finally official. Today I got my own computer and my own desk area.

It was great to finally feel like i belonged there. So i spent the day nesting and setting up everything. Also... my agency recently invested in purchasing Nylon magazine... which is a magazine that I love... but they looked at it and hated it. I didnt understand! I was like "WHAT?! I love that magazine" They said to me " thats because your rock and roll, your just too rock and roll"

What? is that a bad thing? because im taking that as one hell of a compliment!


Oct 22, 2008

Another Job I have at MC2 is to take videos of the models so that we can send them to clients and casting directors. So of coarse i have to post this video of Allison even though she is going to kill me =D

Untitled from skinny intern on Vimeo.

Oct 21, 2008

Be careful what you wish for. =D

Friday I was at work and I was so bored. It was my first time working on a friday and it was just dragging. Im so use to three day weekends so it was hard to hang in there.

So I was at lunch on the phone with Allison and I was telling her that I hope that something really fun happens after lunch because I was going crazy...I didnt know how i was going to make it through the rest of my day with out falling asleep or something.
Anyways I went back to work after lunch and settled in at my desk. This model from Estonia came in and she was not having a good day because she had just flown in and all of her luggage was lost! She had nothing. So my job for the rest of the day was to take her shopping around Miami. I felt so relieved to get out of the office and I couldn't believe that my job consisted of taking a model Shopping! She was so cute with her little estonia accent. We talked about how long she had been modeling for ( only a year and she has been to Italy, Finland, Paris, and now America) and we compared the likes and differences of our countrys. It was very cool to hang out with someone from such a different culture and thats another thing that i like about my job.
So I took her up and down lincoln road so that she could shop and I also got to see the model apartments. Our model apartments are sweeeet!

By the time we got done shopping it was six o'clock. I had to run (litterally) back to the agency so that I could get my things before being locked out. Once I got there they were still waiting for me (so nice) thank God because I don't know what I would do if I had to leave my computer at the office for the entire weekend. I dont think that I could survive(haha)

So yeah, I spent half the day being bored and the rest of the day getting paid to have a blast!
I never know with this life.

Oct 20, 2008

Oct 18, 2008

The Most amazing compliment I've ever gotten.

I was on a shoot, just being myself and having fun!

All of sudden i hear them talking about this girl ....this girl named Agyness Deyn. Then I realized they were comparing me to her. I was so ecstatic! They told me, you know you have the personality of Agyness, which is the best compliment ever because I think that she is amazing and totally goofy.

Oct 17, 2008


Favorite magazine.(Thanks to Julious)

Most beautiful pictures Ive ever seen. Real Models.

Im so hooked to this French magazine... its just not even safe anymore. So inspirational.

Oct 16, 2008


Whats going on in the agency..????.

Models getting boob jobs with advanced money from the agency!(with out telling the agency)

Casting Directors contacting the models personally... big no no

Male Models that used to be strippers! we dont need to know that!!

Having to beg a model to go to africa for a job that pays $25,000... a DAY!

... wow

...lets get it together people


Um can i just say that i really want to own this entire outfit.
If I could walk up into MC2 wearing this... i think i would be taken more seriously...haha
Well okay this outfit might be a little more for the new york office because in the miami office its VERY casual. I would still wear it though :P and i would feel like such a badass.

Oct 14, 2008


Just saying thanks

Untitled from skinny intern on Vimeo.

Oct 11, 2008

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Oct 9, 2008

freaking amazing...

hey guys sry its been so long since my last post :( so basically kristin mentioned everything about the richie rich fashion show but it was so freaking awesome that i have to reiterate some parts because of how freaking awesome they were!!!!!! ok we got there, i waited to get my makeup done. there were about 15 MAC employees standing in front of all this MAC make up laid out on like 6 tables. needless to say i wanted all of it :) ne ways the models were sitting in directors chairs as they got their makeup done. the set up was pretty cool. well after a little bit i got my makeup done which took a while but it was worth it. it looked amazing! and i know i say that a lot but i seriously mean AMAZING! hot pink lips, flawless face, and black and shiny white eye makeup. so pretty! then it was time for hair. which btw the lady who did my hair said that i was her favorite of the night. :) also kristin could have definitely gotten her hair and makeup done because everyone thought she was a model ne wayz.... that would have been cool. then the rain came :( it poured literally. but that didn't ruin our night nothing would have... about this time the bottles started poppin....hypnotic and champagne all night baby haha. we hung out for a while then kristin had to leave me which stunk :( but not for too long though b cuz they had us get in our first outfits soon. it was crazy backstage like kristin said a whole new experience and atmosphere. the clothes were electrifying, exuberant, and freaking fantastic! the accessories, the shoes...everything was!!!!! the show so fun! it is such an amazing feeling when your out on the runway. its like everyone is looking you and you know it but you cant see any faces. just dark all around you with a million flashes going off. plus a huge rush of intensity, excitement, nervousness, and question. you dont really know if your doing horrible or working it...its crazy haha. oh and a word of advice. runway floors most of the time suck. they are slippery. ne ways it was so fun and im so glad i have an amazing friend like kristin to come with me!! btw she is the best duh! 

Oct 8, 2008

More from the lingerie show

Oct 4, 2008

Heres the thing.

I want a fabulous Skinny Intern shirt for Allison and I to wear!

Thing is ... I dont feel like designing one. Really i thought about taking a plain white shirt and writing skinny intern on it with a pink marker... but thats no good.

So heres where you come in.

Design a skinny intern shirt and we will select the best one!
So come on make that shit!


Send all submissions to:


Oct 3, 2008


okay basically i have three shoots lined up for this weekend. So be prepared to see some pretty amazing shots from some newly found photographers. So far I have learned that every photographer is different and they dont always like what the last photographer may have liked... which is totally cool because this helps me Switch it up and try new things!

I just want to say this... photographers... you really got it hard. Even if someone likes your work doesn't mean they are going to pay you. I have definently witness this first hand being in the office. Amazing photographers will come in and ask to shoot and then the agents have them do tests so that they can see how they are... well two test turns into four ... which turns into like twelve or something! You really have to watch out because agencys try to get as many free pictures out of you as they can.

And yes thats in all caps because I dont know how else to express how amazing and exciting its going to be.
Are you still wondering what the hell im talking about???

okay short version. Allison is going to be in the Richie Rich Fashion show tomorrow night.

Longer version: So yesterday I was at the office working and I had to call the booker for the Heatherette fashion show and tell him that one of our models canceled because she had a family emergency. I really didnt want to do this but ... its part of the job.
So i called the guy up and told him what happened and he was so dissapointed. So just then I looked over to the wall of models and I
saw Allison's comp card and what happened next was unbelieavable... I just started talking like a pro! I was like "Yes well i do have this one girl who is available and she is the same size as the other model and is so outrageous her name is Allison zinn, would you like me to send you pictures of her because i think that she would be perfect!~"
.... he replied "....yes, send pictures of her over"

SO i sent him pictures of Allison and he loved her . So shes in the show! And she totally met Richie Rich today during the fitting. How amazing is that?!!


Kristin Ondocsin