Sep 13, 2010

VMA Fashion ( my picks )

I know that I should probably be covering fashion week, but after Sunday night's Video Music Awards I feel like a fashion recap is a must.I felt as if everyone was dressed exceptionally well... except for maybe Ke$ha and her trash bag dress. ;) I managed to over look the bad and pick out some of my favorite styles from the evening.

Im sure this comes as no surprise, but Lady Gaga's first award winning outfit was my favorite of the night. I have such a love for McQueen and almost started tearing up when she was on stage thanking him for all of his beautiful clothes. Its always a fashion show with Gaga. I love that she could hardly stand in the second dress that she wore, but it just didn't stop her from being cute and fabulous. I also loved the faded colors in her hair!

Front Woman for the band Paramore, Hayley Williams, was wearing a small little detail that caught my eye. Her chain/ring bracelet that she was wearing during her performance with B.O.B. is something that I must have! I wasn't really feeling her fashion sense through out the rest of the night but that bracelet definitely scored some points with me. Its the little things.

Katy Perry's Russel Brand nails couldn't have made me laugh any harder. I guess they are just too perfect for each other. I wasnt sure if I liked her dress or not. It was very pretty, but at the same time she reminded me of an ice skater.

What can I say, Emma Stone looked gorgeous as always. Her simple look with with the small purple clutch for detail was dead on perfect. This is very much something that I would wear. This look was an "Easy A." OH SNAP

Coco Rocha is fashion!

Oh, Rihanna this performance look was adorable! I love her red hair, it looks gorgeous on her. Honestly, I would wear this look out daily. Loved the sparkly head band (I'm a sucker for sparkly!) and those boots were to die for! Mixed with the tulled skirt made this look so flirty with and edge.

skinny intern

Sep 8, 2010