Jan 16, 2013

Bridget Winder -An illustrator, a senior musical theatre major, and a fashionista who is OBSESSED with films. "I could go see a movie any time, any day. I study them. I live them. I love them."

2013 is the year of inspiration and making things happen. Seeing things in a different perspective and admiring all the beauty that is constantly around us. 

With that being said, I'd like to introduce a new favorite artist of mine, Bridget Winder. A musical major at the University of Alabama (roll tide!!) who was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. Her work was recently shown to me and I fell in love with her style and her beautiful illustrations through her Instagram. (@bridgetwinder)
I asked Bridget if she would be interested in sharing more of her work with us at Skinny Intern and we came up with a fun little interview so that we can all get to know Bridget and her art, on a deeper scale.

"At the age of eleven the performing bug bit me, and I have had the opportunity to perform in twenty-eight productions since. Though the years in theatre have been an incredible journey, I have been drawing since the age of seven. However, because of my devotion to performing arts, I haven't placed too much emphasis on visual artistic training. So, as a self-taught artist, I have my struggles. But, within those struggles, I've discovered my own style of art.

Also, I like to artistically express myself through fashion. At the age of ten I was designing and hand stitching my own clothes, which has always been a ascetically pleasing. Though I cherish my work like a close friend, skeptical commentators have challenged me to truly believe in myself and what I do. With their constructive comments, I have had the opportunity to grow stronger and develop into a true artist who wears many different hats. Today, it is entertaining to look back and see how my gifts and talents in each area have evolved. Now, I hope to continue embracing all the arts I love." -Bridget Winder

Where do you find your inspiration?
-I believe that inspiration can come from anywhere, but ultimately comes from within and what one may be feeling at the moment. Some days I start the morning drawing one picture and end the night tossing it and drawing another. I find my inspiration within.

Whats your style like?
-I wear black combat boots. Every day. (This is not a fabrication.) The majority of my pants and shorts are high waisted and I adore black.

How would you describe your sense of style?
-My style would be the lovechild of New York and Los Angeles. I make conscious decisions to look mature and classy but am not afraid to add darkness. 

What are your favorite brands/designers right now?
-Michael Kors and I are going on a six year relationship, but Alexander McQueen (Sarah Burton) are my guilty pleasure to follow. However, I am a firm believer that if it fits, looks good, and is affordable- buy it.

Your favorite place to be?
-My favorite place to be is in my element. Wether that be in the theatre, in New York City, or in my living room with a sketchbook in hand; as long as I am surrounded by people and things I love, I am favoring the place.

Born and raised?
-Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. Roll Tide!

If you could travel anywhere it would be….?
-If I could travel anywhere I would head to Italy to be consumed in culture, art, and food.

What's your dream?

-My dreams are a phenomena that happens while sleeping or extremely bored in class. My goals however, are to reach a point in my career as actor to support myself and my lifestyle and to give back to my parents everything they have invested into me.
Whats your obsession?
-My obsession are films. I could go see a movie any time, any day. I study them. I live them. I love them.

Guilty Pleasure?-My guilty pleasure is doing crossword puzzles. They're all kinds of wonderful.

What's something that everyone should know about you?
-Everyone should know I'm a human who feels like a freak and is in a committed relationship with my career.

When did you start drawing?
-I started drawing seriously around the age of seven. My first painting was two years ago.

How do you create your work?…pencil?
-To create my sketches I use a range of Prismacolor pencils ranging from 4H to 4B.

Are you self taught? and is anyone else in your family into art?
-I am self taught artist. My mother is an artist; every day, as a child, she would draw something on a napkin so when I opened my lunchbox there was always a beautiful surprise! My father is a custom home builder and has an extremely sharp eye for proportions and complementary colors. Combined…they go me.

How long does it usually take to complete a drawing?
-Funny you ask this. It used to take me a couple of days to completely finish a drawing and I was unhappy about this fact, so I began a series in August, LateNightSketching, in which I sketch one thing every night. I now add them to Tumblr every night when they are finished. (http://latenightsketching.tumblr.com) I am now down to completing a sketch within 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Would you ever consider adding color to your work?
-I'm getting to the point where I will start incorporating color. I have done a few sketches with hair color (usually redheads) but that is the extent. However, I have done a series of pencil and painting pieces that allconnoted of color.

How do you prepare before you draw? Do you have any rituals before or any playlists that you have to listen to?
-I don't particularly like to listen to music unless I can sing along. When preparing to tackle an art piece I like to have the television on because I like the background sounds as I work. When painting I usually play a film that I am very familiar with, I can better focus and am not losing time by looking up at the television constantly.

Are you inspired by any other illustrators?

-Leonardo da Vinci is my favorite artist. Of course he is incredibly talented but I love the secrets and puzzles intertwined in his work. Modern artists that I follow are Bec Winnel (http://becwinnel.com) and Marco Mazzoni (http://marcomazzoni.tumblr.com).

Where can people find your work? -My work can be found in three different places that are updated each day:

Kristin - The Skinny Intern

UNIF - Outtakes Holiday collection…shot in Salton sea, land of dead fish and dreams.

I adore UNIF and their bad ass style, along with their -F*ck the World- attitude. 
I want to wear UNIF everyday. 


Watch the video below...
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Kristin - The Skinny Intern