Dec 28, 2008

Skye Stracke

Being known for her pout, Skye Stracke has definitely caught my eye.

She is absolutely beautiful and I cant seem to get enough of her. She has the perfect amount of softness and innocence mixed with a sexy attitude! Although she is only seventeen she has already done shows with Chanel, D&G, and has been featured in magazines such as numero , teen vogue, Russian vogue, and the list really goes on and on.

DNA New York
Why Not Milan
Viva Paris
Viva London

Viviens Australia

Dec 27, 2008

Dec 25, 2008

Dec 23, 2008

Photo Shoot - Heather Talbert

I had been dieing to shoot with Heather Talbert and finally it happened! Last week we did a really amazing shoot. Heather had a really good team on make up and styling. She is SO talented and really fun to work with! (photographer) (stylist)
Crystal Cadahia (make up artist)

Dec 22, 2008

Skinny Intern

I played MC2's little Holiday helper. I had to drive all around south beach and deliver champagne to all of our important clients. Giving it to them in person was really cool and it i met some very interesting people, some very intimidating but mostly i met some really good people. We celebrated Christmas at the office with Champagne and Cheese friday after noon. DELICIOUS
Thankfully I got time off from the office so that I could be with my family but before i left i had to get really organized and I set up about eight different photo shoots for eight different models. When I get back I am going to have so much to do.

New photo shoot with a really amazing photographer.
Pictures will be posted tomorrow! You must see them.

Dec 16, 2008


And what to expect.

I have been on both sides of an open call being that i started off wanting to be a model and now i actual book models. Open calls can be so scarey! You get so nervous and so worked up about meeting them and before you know it its all over.

First thing you should do is call all the agencies that you are interested in meeting with to find out what days and times they hold their open calls. Every agency is different.

When going to an open call you should bring pictures. If you have a portfolio, thats great! If you dont have a portfolio then just bring polaroids and simple snap shots of yourself. Just remember not to take anything too seriously and if they aren't pleasant with you its probably because they are just really busy. Sometimes people for open calls just seem to come in at the wrong time. When you get there someone will take your pictures or your portfolio and look at them in private and show the other agents while you just wait...up front or something. IF they like you they will have you come in , get measured , and take more digital pictures of you. You should always bring a swim suit with you to an open call!!!! If they dont like you, its no big deal. They will just tell you their not interested. When i went to my first open call with allison i was so nervous, we both were. We didnt even want to get out of the car and go in.

If you have the look they are wanting then you could get signed that day. Think that doesnt happen... just ask allison. The very day she went in for an open call she got a contract!

If one agency doesnt like you, dont give up! You might just be exactly what the next agency is looking for and then you will be on your way to success! haha well okay maybe you will finally have your foot in the door which is better than before.

Dec 15, 2008

Today in the office there were lots of people coming and going. I always love it when there are plenty of people to meet and talk too. I met a model today who is with out a doubt drop dead gorgeous but in person she was not like most models. Although her pictures were amazing there was something about her that was very different ... With the hieght of only 5'6.. i was amazed that she was discovered as a model. Dont get me wrong because i think that she is amazing but it was definitely a change to see such a short model. Meeting her gave me a lot of hope... i have always been told that i am too short... well thats not going to stand in my way anymore. This girl gets a lot of work and has been living in paris and traveling back and forth to a lot of other countries.One of the bookers turned to me today and told me " see if she can be a model , then you can too..."

Dec 10, 2008

New pictures of Allison!(super model)

Photography : Mark Delong

Dec 4, 2008


After all the stress and planing the MC2 in Fashion Photo exhbit turned out to be a success.

Despite running around and still having to work, I had an amazing time. It was very Glarmorous. It was really funny because when I got there they couldnt find my name on the list... and I was like BUT I MADE THE LIST! how crazy is that... haha They actually lost the list and Jean Luc had to come and get us. Thank God all of the models made it there and on time... I was in charge of having a car pick them up. I new everyone at this event, it was amazing! This industry is crazy. When you love it you just really LOVE IT!

See Naomi Campbell in person was unbelievable. She just has this radiance to her and she looks like such a powerful woman. I was standing right next to her and I have to say I was a little star struck. I still get excited about famous people. There are so many people I talk to who are like yeah I saw so and so who is famous and its like no big deal to them. I guess im still like a kid when it comes to that stuff. I just love meeting new people and the artist that i admire and look up too. Now im not going to lie and say that i have been a big fan of Naomi all my life, because really I havent. She is a wonderful model but she has never really been one of my most favorite models.

Naomi Campbell from skinny intern on Vimeo.