Sep 30, 2012

Beauty with Holly Gowers

A fun, fresh look, thats great for everyday!
Created by, Holly Gowers.

Sep 28, 2012

Navoh's blogger event.

Last night's event was a so fun. Thank you to everyone who came out and joined me for a sneak peak preview of Navoh's fall collection. We got to see amazing new colors and textures from the affordable luxury brand and learned that Navoh is very excited to start a blogger affiliate program. Bloggers a part of this program will have the opportunity to receive some pretty awesome perks.
Stay tuned to see what I wore and which bag seemed to be the most popular!!
 k xoxo

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Big thank you to @bakinggirlshop 
The cupcakes were to die for!

Time to shop!

Sep 19, 2012

Video work published in Fisher Island magazine.

Check it out! 
The videos, In Estate of Mind and Valentina's Juice Bar, both edited by me, are in the new Fisher Island magazine. 
-Big High Fiver!- 


Sep 18, 2012


I might be late discovering this little blogger, but its love at first sight!!!

"We play the characters we create. We were not normal girls walking from the island of Manhattan and into the sea. We didn’t just wear cocktail dresses to galas, or put on a set of false lashes for a night out… we were these characters all the time. We looked distinctly different from the other girls. We came from so many dreams weaved into one, so many experiences and lovers.
We were characters, sleeping and awake. Our hair is neon, so we don’t look like regular people. We don’t have Marc Jacobs’ name tattooed across our chest, but the clothes Marc made were inspired by us. The designers watched us wandering on the lower east side, yellow notebooks full and the pages stained from being too close to the ocean all summer.
Return to the wild, fall has woken you."

LF's Fall lookbook!!! Youth in Revolt

I've been counting the days waiting to see LF's new fall lookbook, and here it is... Im obsessed!! 
Skipping school and a little punk rock, just got so chic! 

Sep 15, 2012

Super model, Valentina Zelyaeva, gets juicy!

Valentina Zelyaeva, has been the face of Ralph Lauren for almost a decade now and she believes that beauty on the outside starts from within. In this video, shot and filmed by, Julius Gregorio, produced by photographer, Danny Cardozo, and edited by yours-truly for Fisher Island Magazine, Valentina lets us in on a couple of her beauty secrets. After editing this video, I was so inspired that I actually started getting into the juicing trend. It's really fun discovering what all you can create from raw veggies and fruits. When juicing, you know that you are doing your body loads of good. Plus, everything tastes amazing!!!  "Everyday I live by a motto, beautify yourself through nutrition." - Valentina 
If you are interested in healthy beauty tips, or if you want to get into juicing, stop by Valentina's blog for delicious recipes. She takes you step by step with images, tips, and tricks for staying healthy and beautiful on the inside and out.


Sep 2, 2012

Fashion Gone Rogue ♥♥♥'s Skinny Intern.

Miami video editor at your service!!!
If you haven't already noticed, I dabble in-between many talents and video editing is just one of them. I'm super excited to announce that my most recently edited video for Fisher Island Magazine featuring Ralph Lauren model, Valentina Zelyaeva, has been featured on the site, Fashion Gone Rogue

Valentina Zelyaeva in Estate of Mind for Fisher Island Magazine -
Photographer + Director - Danny Cardozo
Fashion Editor - Danny Santiago
Hair - Duber for Oribe
Make up - Edward Cruz at Cloutier Remix for CHANEL
Manicurist - Carol Wojtaszek
Videographer - Julius Gregorio
Video Editor - Kristin Ondocsin

Estate of Mind from skinny intern on Vimeo.

Kristin ♥