Mar 27, 2009

Greg Kadel

Hair: Diego DaSilva at Tim Howard Management
Model: Catherine McNeil at Next
Production: Jason Sharpe at Greg Kadel Studios
Music: The Mink Lungs

Mar 25, 2009

"I love the world I'm in"- Twiggy

Karolina Jaramillo . MC2 Represented

This girl is wonderful and she was so awesome during the shoot! I'm really glad that everyone was able to pull off this shoot so last minute. Everyone did a really good job! ...Now watch my video!

Karol . MC2 Models from skinny intern on Vimeo.

Photographer . Julius Gregorio
Stylist . Ashley Falcon

Makeup Artist . Alvin Matium

Culte luxury Magazine

Remember the job that I was so excited about booking our models for a while back for Culte Magazine?

Well I finally got to see some of the pictures from the shoot. The actual Magazine will be out in June.

Mar 24, 2009

Season should be over soon! I can not wait for the craziness to end.

Mar 22, 2009

Short hair.

its sexy.

Models that look like boys are so sexy. Im kind of in love with Female models that can pull off the short hair look and still have a very strong feminine presence. Hardly ever do i see a model in miami with short hair. There really isn't a market for that here. We actually have this really beautiful model who has short hair and they want her to grow her hair out. I think thats going to take away from her being unique. Its going to take away her edge , which is what they want to do so that she can look like everyone else (which will actually make it harder for her to get booked) and appeal more to swim wear and catalogue clients.
having an ambiguous sexual identity.

Fashion Photographer

Amazing new blog.

Mar 18, 2009

Just a little more fun. Gossip girl... Paparazzi... and cup cakes in NY. What could be better!

see were famous... from skinny intern on Vimeo.

Mar 6, 2009

New york and Models... duh


coming up from skinny intern on Vimeo.