Sep 30, 2008

Hell yeah! Leah walked up in the office today( the lady that cast allison for all the fashion shows) and she was surprised to see me sitting there. She came in and pulled some comp cards off the wall of the girls that she wanted and then she came up to me and was like "you, be in my show" and i was like haha okaaaay... and then i realized she was serious and then she gave me the casting information! So Allison and I are both going to be in a fashion show together friday night. Its going to be amazing and its going to be my first fashion show.

Sep 29, 2008

Skinny Intern here!
Hey everyone i know its been a while. I have to say that not a lot has been going on otherwise you know i would fill you in on all the skinny! The agency has been really slow with fashion week finishing up in new york and everything ...we are just waiting for season to come.

I have to say this ... if you want to be a model please please please keep your hair looking nice. Thats my tip of the day for everyone. Agencys will rag on you so bad if your roots are bad or your hair is damaged. Honestly they will not let it go. We have been seeing a lot of photographers come in and out wanting to shoot our models but i have to say that usually i find way better photographers and the other agents agree.

I have a feeling that next week in the office is going to be pretty busy for me and everyone else. Im still trying to get the hang of it and i think that im doing a lot better. Sometimes you just have to dive right in. This weekend im doing a test and it should be a lot of fun.

Sep 19, 2008

So, I really have to post these pictures from the fashion show, it was so much fun. I think that everyone will get a kick out of looking at them. I took video too, but I always take forever to upload videos. But anyway, this is just some behind the scenes pictures of Allison's Fashion show at Dolce. The show was exciting and I stayed backstage to help her and the other models change clothes. One of the models didnt show up, so I was almost in the show! The director of the show came over to me and was like "can you walk?!" and I of course said yes and she was like "okay your in the show." I got so nervous but I was totally going to do it. Unfortunately, I ended up not being in the show because the model that didnt show...had the clothes...

Here is how the night went.

Lots of goofing off back stage, followed by Champayne and dancing!
I love fashion shows.

Sep 17, 2008

MC2 Model Management

So I'm learning a lot here at the agency... one mistake at a time.
I have to say that it can be really stressful but i guess its because i'm new and i really don't know how to handle the many different situations that go on here yet. Mainly I have been taking Polaroids and videos of the models and setting up test shoots. I send models on Casting calls. Sometimes it feels like whatever I do is wrong but at the end of the day I always get a thank you for coming in and helping us out, which is pretty cool. The office here in Miami is so cool. Im right beside lincoln road mall and I love being so close to all the shops and restaurants.

Everyday i meet someone new whether it be a photographer, a model, or a booker. Its really cool. I love being here and being able to help Allison get jobs. I send her book out to everyone that i can .
My side of the Desk and Allison

The only down side is the fact that I really want to model too and they just don't see it in me... and I know of all the castings and I can't even go to them.

Basically how they teach me is by throwing me into the deep in...

Sep 15, 2008

I had the craziest most busiest weekend of my life!

Running around between allison's fashion shows and my test shoots. It was amazing.
Here are some of the pictures! what do you think????

Alfonso Vega Photography

Sep 13, 2008

Wow... Im kind of upset right now.
I just got home from a long day of shoots and allison's fashion show... and i return home to an email from one of the agents that i work with. He said that he sent my pictures in for a commercial casting and i got it! The sad thing is the director of my agency says i cant do it and i have to be at work instead.

Sep 12, 2008

ps. kristins new picture is so fuking hott!

busy busy busy & i love it :)

ok so a lot has happened since my last post. me and kristin have been so busy. :) so here is an update....

1. kristin moved back to Ft. Lauderdale...
her place is amazing and i cant wait to move in with her in 2009! yay
2. i started school again...
which i actually love tuesdays and thursdays
3. i had a major job with st.john clothing company....
which was AMAZING. i got to try on such expensive clothes from st. john which were so hott. then me and two other stand in models from new york got to go to the major high budget set and block fro the next days shoot. so fun :)
4. kristin is now working again at MC2 as an assistant
(woo woo) i love having her there she keeps my name in the bookers mind :) shes the best and does a great job there seriously they love her
5. i might have two more major jobs lined up....
one commercial with the home shopping network and the other for Bealls clothing and stores in Sarasota Florida
6. i have two fashion shows this weekend....
for cosabella lingerie: friday at hard rocks pangaea and the other in south beachs DOLCE
7. kristin is going to a casting and one of MC2 bookers is sending her pictures out.....
8. kristin is also basically doing the fashion show...
she helps girls get dressed in the back, its hectic back there for real
9. kristin is doing a million photo shoots with so many photographers
really expanding her portfolio

we have been very busy but it is amazing... i absolutely love it. it does get crazy sometimes though always running around but its worth it. me and Kristin will definitely take video tonight and will have another episode soon....

wish us luck this weekend

til next time


Im so busy!
Today i have school until 4 and then i have to do a test shoot at 4:30
THEN! i have to be at allison's house at 6:30 so that i can help her tonight for her fashion show.

Oh my goodness i dont even have time to be writing this. haha

Sep 10, 2008


We have seven girls in New york for the shows during fashion week. Also yesterday I talked about Allison a lot and they really just love her. I hope that they get her more jobs! Tonight Allison and I have to make her an audition video for a casting for a commercial.

I do want to show you all the first fashion show that Allison and I were a part of.
So here is skinny Intern episode 2

This behind the scenes and rehearsal before the show that night.

skinny ep 2 fashion show from skinny intern on Vimeo.

Sep 9, 2008

so excited

Today I'm going back to MC2 modeling agency.
I really wish that I was in New York right now at Fashion week.

Untitled from skinny intern on Vimeo.

Sep 7, 2008

Looks like im getting into it even more.

MC2 model management is asking for me to come back and work for them!
I love it , thats so exciting.I love being in Miami and i Love being around models.

Also in other good news! A good friend of mine who is an amazing photographer, Ashton Kinsey, has a her first test shoot next Saturday. She is shooting a 15 year old model from NEXT model management. Hopefully i will be able to go with her to either assist or style the model. This is going to be a big stepping stone for her.

Sep 2, 2008

The secret to be a successfull modeling agency intern( or any intern really)
Take lots of NOTES! write down every pass word , every phone number, every little detail that they tell you because if you don't pay attention the first time... they aren't going to tell you how or what to do again. I have a note book from the agency that i was interning at and it is full of notes of how to do everything. It was my bible and survival guide for that place.

Ill post the note book soon.

Kristin O.

My Brother , who i recently got into the modeling industry, made a big mistake.

Republica Management in Miami is very interested in him and I sent the agency pictures and they immediately sent him a contract! I was so excited but my mom is weary of him being a fifteen year old and being consumed by the modeling world. I say he just needs to go for it! Its the chance of a lifetime and he needs to jump on it. He did make a mistake though... he cut his hair... Republica management really liked his long surfer hair because they said that it gave him an aristocratic look so when they found out that he had cut it they were very disapointed. Luckily for Jesse they still want him! Abercrombie is also very interested in him and he has a casting wednesday in miami for a shoot in Jamaica ... how crazy is that!
Here is a Before and After of Jesse.

Sep 1, 2008

Big News !

Allison has a gig!
She is confirmed for a St John shoot on Wednesday.

She is only a stand in
The other girls are Liya Kebebe, Hana Soukupova and Alex Tomlinson
.....check em out on line!! They are supermodels!!

I think Hana Is an amazing model and im so excited for Allison to be able to work with her and the other girls too. I wish that i could go on the shoot but i don't think that im able to unless i just say that im allison's assistant like we usually do. Everyone needs to check out Allison Zinn on if already havent! She is on the Front page of models in miami!