Jan 30, 2011




Jan 23, 2011

electric rasberry

Jan 19, 2011


...at least thats what I'm told. *wink*

Jan 9, 2011

Free like a bird of the holders.

Flipping through Lula Magazine...
Photographer . Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton

Jan 4, 2011

Megan Henderson

Im sure you've all gathered by now that I'm a complete sucker for red heads.
This editorial blew me away the first time I saw it and I still think it's pretty genius. Amazing work.

Model . Megan Henderson
Photographer . Victoria Ann Zeoli
MUA & Wardrobe . Kayleigh Hayes
Hair . Yen

Jan 2, 2011


Well aren't we just a powerful duo ;P
Out and about with our heads swarming with inspiration and thoughts of city streets being covered in fashion for us to admire.


Skinny Intern & Fabiana Negron

Photographer . Zack Hughes

Too hard to give this up

I like to take little moments and just admire my clothes. It's as if each individual piece or article of clothing is a work of art. Because truly that's what fashion is, another form of art and expression.

I'm totally jealous of my friend Fabiana's heaven of a closet. It's literally packed from floor to ceiling with the most gorgeous finds and the latest trends. Not to mention her shoe collection is so sick! She begins to tell me, " Ya sometimes when I'm sad I just sit in the middle of my closet and everything is better again" :)
I can totally see why... I wouldn't mind getting lost in there and never ever coming out.

It's a fun fabulous Fabiana Sunday... Check out my sister blog: Something4theweekend by Fabiana Negron/Wardrobe Stylist


Jan 1, 2011

So excited for 2011!!!